Let’s give your pup the foundation behaviours that will last a lifetime with PPS Puppy Preschool. We will teach you the ways to show your pup 'how to win' by knowing the rules to the game and therefore set your pup for success using positive reinforcement based training.

We ensure a safe and calm environment so that your pup will feel secure during this 'critical socialization and habituation period' of their development. For one bad experience now may impact your pup for the rest of his life.

You have the reassurance of knowing that we are here to assist with any questions that arise along the way. We take a personal interest in every puppy as we want the very best start for you and your pup. 

A happy dog at puppy preschool.

Get a great start for your new puppy, by enrolling in one of our Puppy Preschool Courses. For puppies from 8-16 weeks of age; a 4 week course full of everything that you need to know to raise, teach and socialize your pup with a common sense approach.

Puppy Preschool courses are conducted at:

  • Alexandria Vets, 1/138 Botany Road, Alexandria
  • Marrickville Vets, 400 Illawarra Road, Marrickville
  • Kingsford Vets, 70 Gardeners Road, Kingsford.

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