Course Terms and Conditions

Course places are limited & filled in order of full payment or 50% deposit. Proof of full payment must be provided prior to course commencement. No refund will be provided after course commencement, cancellation within 24 hours of course commencement will result in a non- refund of 50% of course cost.

Equipment- puppies are required to attend course with a flat collar, including identification tag & training lead. Retractable leads will not be allowed & brachycephalic pups are permitted to wear harnesses to class but not during class. Puppies must remain on lead during the class unless directed by Instructor.

Owners are required to follow all directions of Instructors during class. This is essential to ensure maximum safety to all involved in the class. Verbal or physical abuse of your pup, other members of the class or class Instructor will not be tolerated & removal from the class/course will occur immediately & all course fees will be forfeited.

Owners & participants in class are required to wear sensible clothing & closed in flat shoes to comply with NSW WH & S legislation.

If your pup has been ill during the days leading up to a class, it is a requirement to advise Polite Pooches Sydney. If your pup arrives at class & appears ill he/she will be prevented from participating in that class. These standards are essential to prevent any possible infection of other class participants. Alternative arrangements may be made for the missed class.

All due care will be taken by your Polite Pooches Sydney Instructor during class but any damage or injury to attendants or pups is not the liability of Polite Pooches Sydney. Responsibility of cost of damage to property at class location or injury to pups will be incurred by the owner/handler of the pup at the time of incident.

It is a requirement that pup owners/handlers are responsible for their & their pups’ behaviour during classes. This includes, but not limited to interactions between puppies.

If you are running late for class please have the decency to message or call your Instructor to advise.

The above terms & conditions are designed to ensure that all course participants & Instructors are safe & that all participants have the optimum learning environment.