Polite Pooches Sydney

A large group of dogs of all sizes.

At Polite Pooches Sydney, our philosophy is 'Show your dog how to win'. We will teach them and you what is required, and how to achieve it through Scientifically proven Positive Reinforcement Training.

Outsmart your dog, don't out-muscle them.

At Polite Pooches Sydney, we understand that every dog is an individual so we will provide a friendly and personalised service catered to you and your pooch.

We conduct Puppy Preschool Courses, provide Private Consultations for adult dogs and Assessments for Rescue dogs starting their new life with you. Using rewards-based training and working together to get them started on the right path or modify something that may have gone wrong.

We serve the Inner City and South-eastern suburbs of Sydney and will help train your pooch so you can spend more time enjoying your pet and less time reprimanding them.

Happy Graduates of Puppy Preschool
A group of puppies ready to learn.

Puppy Preschool

Let’s give your puppy the best start in life by showing him how to win the game of obedience using ‘No Force Training’. Let’s give you the best start at puppy parenting with detailed information on raising the new member of your home.

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A dog with destructive tendencies.

Behaviour Modification

Has your dog developed some bad habits? Does he have some issues that you would like adjusted or would you like to brush up on his obedience? Why not book a private consultation in your home or local park.

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A dog excited to go for a walk.

Train & Walk

This is a speciality service available for the discerning dog owner who would like more for their dog. Upgrade your dog’s skill levels & have exercise in the one session.

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I want to give people the skills to train their dogs and therefore enjoy having their dogs in their lives. As a former foster dog carer for GSD Rescue, I have cared for thrown away dogs who were never given a chance. You see, a dog will only ever be as good as you make them.

I have owned and trained dogs all of my life and always thought of them as my companions, mates and one half of a team. You could say, that I have always approached my role towards my dogs as guardian, teacher, carer, teammate and to that end manners and behaviour have always been important to me.

Me at work training one of my dogs.

What I realised was that I was having success where others were not. I was able to help dogs to work out what I was asking of them; they would understand and comply without force or fear. So I decided to formalise what I had worked out and undertook several courses:

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  • Cert III Dog Training & Behaviour - National Dog Trainers Federation
  • Dog Bite Safety Educator - Doggone Safe
  • Association of Animal Behaviour Professionals Member
  • Association for Force-Free Professionals - Proud Member
  • Low stress handling - certified
  • Reactive Dog Handling - certified
  • Diploma of Dog Behaviour - current