A dog with destructive tendencies.

Would you prefer to train your dog at home or in a local park, we provide training that will suit you & your dog.

Has your dog developed some bad habits? Does he have some issues that you would like adjusted or would you like to brush up on his obedience, Polite Pooches Sydney is only a call or email away.

We will come and access your dog and provide you with a detailed plan on what we need to do to rectify the issues. We will provide you with positive techniques to adjust your dogs' state of mind, introduce enrichment games for mental stimulation and give you detailed breed information relevant to their genetic 'Drives'. We will assist you to 'teach your old dog new tricks' by showing them how to win. We will teach you how to set your dog for success, because it is never too late.

Please note: aggressive behaviour will require a more complex rehabilitation.

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